Zimidi, Inc. has ceased business operations as of midnight, Friday, October 31st.


What has happened?

On October 31st, we were notified that Zimidi, Inc. had been removed from the Shopify Experts program, the source of all of the company's revenue. Without this future income stream, the company cannot continue to meet its current obligations and therefore must close its doors.

Why is Zimidi shutting down?

The effect is as if Ford had taken away your local dealership's right to sell Fords. Our only business was the sale, service, and support of Shopify websites. Without that income stream, the company cannot continue in operation.

Did Zimidi violate some Shopify policy?

No. Zimidi has not been accused of breaking any of Shopify's rules. Shopify removed us from the program over a customer dispute, despite claiming on their policy page that the company does not enter into such disputes.

Why was Zimidi removed?

Shopify Experts program manager Dan Eveleigh removed us from the program after a disgruntled former client called Shopify's executive management and complained, causing him embarassment. Zimidi was not consulted nor given any opportunity to appease the client. Our Experts listing and reviews were simply removed. 

How many complaints were there?

In a period of two years, Shopify has received a total of four complaints regarding Zimidi, Inc. We've worked on 524 Shopify stores, all of them sent to us by the Experts program, and had over 300 active clients. That's an over 99% satisfaction rate. In the same period, 90 customers went so far as to write 5-star reviews, including three 5-star reviews in our final week of operation. In total, Zimidi had the most stores and most reviews of any Shopify Expert. 

What can I do?

Email Dan Eveleigh, program director, at dan.eveleigh@shopify.com and let him know the impact this has on your Shopify store and on your business. You can also write Shopify founder Tobias Lutke, tobias.lutke@shopify.com, tweet @shopify, or write on their Facebook page. Shopify recently removed the phones from its offices (yes, really!), but you can try leaving a message for Dan here: 613-688-3623.


We truly regret this sad outcome and hope that our former clients will be able to find the right web platform and the help that they need going forward. 

-- David Bethune